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Investing in Finance Innovation to Accelerate Growth

High performers leverage their competitive differentiators to be resilient during disruption, balancing top- and bottom-line growth. Model high performers by:

  • Testing team preparedness to act confidently as opportunities or risks materialize
  • Examining the readiness of the organizational climate for change
  • Increasing the discipline with which you allocate resources

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Gartner’s mission is to help our clients be resilient during disruption. To do that, it’s necessary to fund innovation and drive strategy changes and risk-taking. When managing change, rely on Gartner for tailored, flexible, current, reliable and practical support.

Determine the top finance innovation priorities

Gartner surveyed 300 CFOs and their teams to identify their top priorities and challenges. The global and cross-industry results show that driving digital transformation features among the top priorities for finance leaders.

Download the annual Top Priorities report to discover where finance leaders are spending their time and energy, how finance leaders can progress the function towards autonomous finance and six trends to help CFOs invest wisely to enhance their competitive advantage.

Finance Innovation and Growth Best Practices
Digital Deflation for Finance Growth

Invest in technology to reduce the cost of doing business

Inflation is at multiyear highs, which can drive lower profitability in organizations, leading many CFOs to look for costs to cut or delay. Yet scaling back on digital transformation initiatives in the face of inflation is the wrong approach.

Well-planned and implemented digital initiatives must have a long-term deflationary effect on business costs and, subsequently, the price of products or services.

Read the report to learn how to deflate the cost of your own finance organization.

For most companies, 35% of growth projects never meet their original business case and only 17% of growth projects exceed expectations.

Invest in digitalization while enhancing long-term profitability

CFOs are looking toward cost containment and reallocating spend to help improve profitability. At the same time, 94% of CFOs have greater ambitions for digital growth and 92% plan to spend more on digital this year.

Watch this complimentary webinar to learn the seven mistakes CFOs should avoid when managing profitability in this environment and frameworks for how to segment costs in a way that will differentiate your performance in the coming quarters and years.

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Without Gartner expertise and savvy in working with our technical and legal teams, we would not have achieved this level of savings.

Roosevelt Council

CFO, Georgia Technology Authority
Case Study

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A new CFO turns to Gartner for support in building board-ready capital allocation and M&A strategies.

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Finance Innovation and Growth FAQs

Financial innovation is the process of creating new financial instruments, or investment products, services, or processes. These changes can include updated technology, risk management, risk transfer, credit and equity generation, as well as many other innovations.

The relationship between financial innovation and economic growth is positive and significant in both the short run and the long run. It's because the financial innovation encourages the supply of money in the financial system, which in turn boosts economic growth.

Gartner has identified several trends that will shape the future of finance with new processes, technologies, finance innovations, business models and growth. These include:

  • Demand for digital skills
  • Demand for decision-ready data
  • (Re)centralization of finance analytics
  • An emerging fourth era for ERP
  • The AI revolution
  • RPA putting internal controls at risk
  • Unlocking growth through supplier collaboration
  • Growing use of shared services
  • Cost scope harms efficient growth

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