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How do I prepare for change?

Change manifests in many ways: economic swings, enormous security breaches, political drama, new competition, and viral social media. It’s critical not to take a “wait-and-see” approach or defensive cost-cutting measure. High performers face change head-on: They fund innovation, transform strategy and take risks. They have the confidence to act boldly and the discipline to maintain intense strategic focus.

Without Gartner expertise and savvy in working with our technical and legal teams, we would not have achieved this level of savings.

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CFO, Georgia Technology Authority

Investing in innovation to accelerate growth

High performers leverage their competitive differentiators to be resilient during disruption, balancing top- and bottom-line growth. Model high performers by:

  • Testing team preparedness to act confidently as opportunities or risks materialize
  • Examining the readiness of the organizational climate for change
  • Increasing the discipline with which you allocate resources

Finance innovation insights you can use

Gartner’s mission is to help our clients be resilient during disruption. To do that, it’s necessary to fund innovation and drive strategy changes and risk-taking. When managing change, rely on Gartner for tailored, flexible, current, reliable and practical support.

Drive business growth through uncertainty

In times of uncertainty, many firms scale back growth investments or consider cost-cutting initiatives. The best finance leaders position their teams and business to outpace competitors and accelerate growth by funding innovation.

3 best practices: 1. drive cost optimization across the enterprise, 2. drive digital business transformation, 3. lead the next generation workforce
For most companies, 35% of growth projects never meet their original business case and only 17% of growth projects exceed expectations.

Defy the odds and grow through every up and down

Only 60 companies grew through every up and down of the last 20 years. Invest in innovation like these growth leaders.

For most companies, 35% of growth projects never meet their original business case and only 17% of growth projects exceed expectations.

Maximize the CFO role by investing in innovation

Whether your organization missed, met or exceeded expectations, CFOs and finance leaders must be continually funding innovation to propel the organization forward in today’s competitive and uncertain landscape.

Many successful cost-cutting initiatives happen in the first year.

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How does Gartner help me secure funding for innovation?

A new CFO turns to Gartner for support in building board-ready capital allocation and M&A strategies.

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