Strengthen Your EVP

Facilitate recruiting and increase employee retention with a strong employee value proposition (EVP)

What is the EVP?

The EVP portrays how the labor market and employees perceive the value employees gain by working in an organization, across five attributes: 

Opportunity includes career and development opportunities and organization growth rate.

People includes manager quality, coworker quality, senior leadership reputation and camaraderie.

Organization includes market position, product/service quality and social responsibility.

Work includes job-interest alignment and work-life balance.

Rewards includes compensation, health and retirement benefits and vacation time.

Hypercompetition in the labor market demands a strong EVP

Many EVPs are ineffective or difficult to maintain. Some comprise the wrong attributes or fail to differentiate from competitors. Others show a significant gap between promise and reality, resulting in reduced employee commitment.

“We knew we needed to get more competitive with our employee base to remain relevant in the market.”

Kim Nowell

Chief People Officer, Ingram Barge

Present an authentic, differentiated EVP

When you invest in developing and delivering a strong EVP, you can attract significant talent and boost employee engagement. For example, your organization can reduce the compensation premium by 50% and reach 50% deeper into the labor market when candidates view an EVP as attractive.

Organizations that effectively deliver on their EVP can decrease annual employee turnover by just under 70% and increase new hire commitment by nearly 30%.

Decision-Making Tools

EVP Design Presentation

This customizable presentation template with speaker notes helps you summarize and present your EVP design to internal stakeholders.

Segmented EVP Generator

This tool guides you in selecting segments of your workforce and customizing your core EVP across those segments.

Preparing Your EVP

Key trends impacting the EVP, and how to get ahead of them with three strategies for attracting and retaining talent.

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