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A vast majority of HR leaders are working to fix their performance management strategies. While companies have addressed poor performance results by reinventing their performance management process, they have been routinely disappointed. This has caused employees and managers to perceive performance management and employee performance conversations as bureaucratic, costly and of low value.

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    Build a flexible and ongoing performance management strategy

    The best companies are shifting away from a rigid performance management system toward a more flexible approach that reinforces the critical behaviors that matter every day and align individual work with organizational goals. Effective performance management includes going beyond a performance review, providing meaningful, real-time feedback. This ensures that employees have clear expectations and can achieve their maximum performance levels.

    Effective performance management strategies. The best companies are shifting away from rigid systems toward a more flexible approach.

    Performance management strategy insights you can use

    Gartner performance management insights, advice, data and tools help HR streamline performance management strategies to boost employee performance and maximize value to the business.

    Understand the Changes That Make Performance Management More Effective

    Eighty-one percent of HR leaders say they're making changes to their performance management strategy but are unsure of impact. To better understand what changes move the needle, Gartner interviewed nearly 10,000 executives and employees to understand common performance management pain points plus strategies for increasing performance management's utility.

    Consider Incorporating User Ratings in Performance Management

    In this article, Gartner explores the impact of user ratings and details a few performance management strategies that actually improve performance, employee engagement and could be complemented by a user r

    Enable Business-Driven Performance Management

    HR leaders should serve as consultants to ensure effective business-driven performance management. Use this guide to create a structured approach to customization that is aligned to organizational strategic objectives and talent management outputs and principles.

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    How does Gartner help you transform your performance management strategy?

    Laurie Roy, VP of Human Resources and Global Talent Management at Alcoa, shares how Gartner’s research and advisory services helped her team transform performance management to create a different work culture.

    Performance management and talent management processes are absolutely critical for us because we need to have the capability within the company to produce quickly to remain competitive and we need top performing talent for that.

    Jamie Whitmore

    Head of Global Talent, Ansell

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