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L&D’s role in upskilling the workforce has become critical

As skill needs shift more rapidly due to digitalization and the resulting ongoing organizational changes, CEOs and CHROs overwhelmingly ask learning and development (L&D) to upskill and reskill employees as quickly and effectively as possible. Yet today, 70% of employees report that they do not have mastery of the skills they need for their jobs.

Employee expectations of work changers resulting from digitalization bar graph.
Our employees have skills that we don’t need the way we used to, and they lack skills that the organization needs them to demonstrate at this point.
Head of L&D, Government

How we address your top challenges

Skills preparedness is a critical measure to consider when determining how employees are keeping pace with shifting skill needs. As skills emerge, evolve and expire, L&D plays a critical role in boosting employee skills preparedness. To do this, the best L&D functions connect employees to the market by understanding emerging skill needs, make connections between employees’ own personal interests and organizational skill needs, and connect employees to the right development experiences within or outside their organizations. 

Build connected, not continuous learners

Most L&D functions aim to build continuous learners who can keep up with shifting demands, but this is not the most effective approach. You should focus on building connected learners who not only have higher skills preparedness but also learn skills 25% faster than other employees.

Create learner-centric solutions

Traditional learning design models fail to keep up with today’s continuously evolving learning and business landscape. Learner-centric solutions include a more flexible and fluid approach, incorporate user feedback throughout the process and speed solution.

Develop Connector managers

Organizationwide changes require a new approach to employee development. In response, the best L&D functions focus on developing and supporting Connector managers to improve employee performance by up to 26% and triple the likelihood that their employees are high performers. 

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