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Can Alcohol Be Healthy?

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 20, 2021

In 2018 Michelob ULTRA became the first beer brand to release a fully organic brew. The beverage brand is now doubling down on its organic offerings with the first fully organic hard seltzer of its kind. 

The Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer is the first USDA certified organic seltzer to hit the market, allowing the beer brand to lead the way in health-conscious alcoholic beverages. The seltzer is available at grocery and liquor stores around the U.S. and online beginning in February, where consumers can choose from three flavors including cucumber lime, spicy pineapple, and peach pear. Michelob ULTRA will sell the drinks in variety packs, allowing consumers to taste-test each new, organic flavor. The 12 ounce cans have a 4% alcohol content and only 80 calories, which could make them appealing to calorie-counting or health-conscious consumers. With consumer preferences and purchasing trends rapidly shifting towards low-calorie options during the Coronavirus pandemic according to a Gartner report, Michelob ULTRA’s organic seltzer could help the brand boost sales before the summer season, which is notably the top selling season for seltzer sales. Additionally, 22% of consumers upped their alcohol intake in 2020, so the release of an original, organic alcoholic beverage could help Michelob ULTRA connect with those consumers.  

The Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer marks the first time the beer brand has stepped into the seltzer category. It joins fellow competitors including Coors Light, Bud Light, and Corona in shifting from beer to seltzer and showing a growing importance in portfolio expansions for traditional beer brands. Though Michelob ULTRA’s seltzers have yet to hit the shelves, the brand is already planning for a second release of new flavors later this year. Doing so could help keep the beer brand top of mind with consumers throughout the year, particularly in the warmer months when seltzer sales soar. To kick off the release of its first batch of organic seltzer, Michelob ULTRA turns to Instagram where it posts images of the new cans alongside tweets from seltzer supporters. Additionally, the beer brand is using Twitter to retweet fan comments with the hashtag #AsRealAsItTastes, and YouTube to promote short video ads touting the drink’s original benefits and ingredients. The various online and social media promotions are in tandem to Michelob ULTRA’s broadcast TV commercials and out-of-home advertisements that could help it widen its reach of potential consumers. 

Michelob ULTRA’s step into the seltzer scene shows that the beverage is not going anywhere, but rather could keep growing in popularity as consumers continue to crave healthier alcohol alternatives.