Daily Insights

Honda’s Disney Drive

By: Mackenzie Baker | Aug 05, 2020

Honda’s new “Enchanted Odyssey” push features a family reminiscing on their trip to Disneyland while promoting its 2021 Odysesy. In addition to featuring familiar Disney rides and characters, the brand’s new ad also spotlights its new family-friendly car features, such as rear-seat reminders, interior cameras, and Apple CarPlay functionality. 

Honda’s new campaign targets millennial parents, as they make up the largest majority of Odyssey owners. Digital advertising has been a rising trend for auto brands in recent years according to a Gartner report, and as millennial consumers take to social media more than older generations, the tactic has become an integral marketing strategy for Honda. As such, the auto brand’s newest campaign also includes a social initiative. Honda created a microsite on Pinterest that touts the benefits of the 2021 Odyssey through a series of pinned images and videos that users can click on to learn more about the new vehicle. Pinterest is often a go-to source for millennials looking to research future purchases and also sees more searches for Disney than any other brand, which gives Honda the opportunity to expand its Odyssey promotions to an engaged audience. Pinterest has also seen an increase in road trip searches for families during the Coronavirus pandemic, which Honda could now tap into by promoting its car benefits and entertainment features. 

Notably, Honda’s campaign is rolling out around the same time that Disney has started reopening its attractions. By highlighting many of its rides and characters in the new Honda ad, Disney could stay top of mind with adventure-loving consumers looking to plan new trips. The partnership campaign offers a change in tone for both brands from the earlier days of the pandemic when Honda faced a 28% drop in car sales and Disney had to shutter its theme parks, cruises, and stores around the world. Since March, both Disney and Honda have highlighted their efforts to give back to communities—both for Coronavirus relief and in support of Black Lives Matter—but the Enchanted Odyssey campaign allows each company to return their focus to core business initiatives. 

While Honda and Disney’s campaign had younger, social media-consuming millennials in mind, their enchanted push could resonate with consumers of all ages. By working together, both brands could connect with families across the country and give a signal of hope that things are slowly returning to normal.