Daily Insights

Ice Ice Baby

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 16, 2019

The alcohol brand Smirnoff is helping shoppers play pranks on unsuspecting gift recipients this holiday season. 

The brand has created a fake home company, Cremsiffino (an anagram of Smirnoff Ice), to deliver gag gifts disguised as luxury home goods. Mischievous gifters can order the gift boxes from a special website for $20 and choose from boxes designed to look like they hold clothing hangers, hand mixers, or ironing boards. In actuality, the boxes will contain a bottle of Smirnoff Ice—meaning whoever opens the box has been “iced.” Getting “iced” comes from an internet drinking game that involves surprising someone with a bottle of Smirnoff Ice that person then has to chug. Smirnoff is hoping to add some merry jest to the holiday season with its own spin on the fad. At a time when spirits brands are struggling to keep up with Millenials and Gen-Z on social media—according to a Gartner L2 report—Smirnoff Ice is making a social media splash with its gag gift campaign. 

The Cremsiffino boxes are part of a larger campaign from the brand titled “Not-So Silent Nights.” Smirnoff has recruited actress Laverne Cox to star in a holiday commercial—which features a Smirnoff Ice gift—that’s currently running on TV, digital, and social media. In addition to the gag gifts, the brand has also released branded ornaments and limited edition Smirnoff Peppermint Twist for the holiday season. 

Several food and beverage brands have embraced amusing product trends this season, from Jimmy Dean’s wrapping paper to Taco Bell onesies. Smirnoff Ice’s fake home brand is ready to take its holiday gifting to the next level.