Daily Insights

Pedigree’s Paw-some Push

By: Mackenzie Baker | May 19, 2020

Two things have seen a spike in interest since the Coronavirus pandemic: Zoom and pet adoptions

Pet food company Pedigree is making the most of the trends through a new virtual adoption campaign. The brand is launching a digital adoption platform to let prospective pet parents meet adoptable dogs over Zoom. Pedigree is premiering the campaign with the Nashville Humane Society and will hold video adoptions with different shelters across the country throughout the month of May. The brand is covering the cost of Zoom memberships and equipment for any participating shelters and paying adoption fees for any dogs adopted through the events. Pedigree set up a webpage explaining the program where viewers can also join a Zoom call, donate to a shelter, or apply to adopt a dog. 

Zoom video calls have taken over during the pandemic as people use the platform for work, school, and connecting with family. Though Zoom has faced criticism for its security shortcomings, capitalizing on its increased usage could extend Pedigree’s audience as it reaches prospective adopters across the country. A 2018 Gartner report found that pet brands could reach larger, more engaged audiences by launching multi-platform campaigns, so Pedigree’s decision to promote its new pet push across digital and social media could be a smart move. By connecting pets with their future parents, the brand is also laying the foundation for long-term customer loyalty, as owners could credit Pedigree with helping them find their new furry friend. A boom in pet adoptions during quarantine has already led to an increase in sales for pet brands like Pedigree, but hosting its own adoption campaign could further increase brand awareness among consumers. 

Pedigree’s feel-good campaign focuses on one of the best things to occur during the pandemic. Creating a digital pathway to adoption could help the brand reach supporters nationwide and resonate with owners throughout their pet’s lifetime.