Daily Insights

See, Snap, and Search

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 02, 2020

For those that take pictures of cute dogs they see on the street but do not know the breed, Snapchat’s newest feature may come in handy. The social media platform is rolling out two new identification lenses—one for dogs and one for plants—that let users scan their pictures on the app and find out what breed of dog or type of flower they have just encountered. For dog breeds, DogScanner can be used to identify over 400 types of dogs and can be used on pictures or when a user points their Snapchat camera at a dog. PlantSnap is Snapchat’s other identification lens that can identify 90% of known plants or trees. Similar to DogScanner, PlantSnap works by pointing the Snapchat camera at a tree, bush, or flower to get an identification. 

DogScanner and PlantSnap are already two standalone mobile apps that are now being integrated into Snapchat. By working with the social media platform, both apps can expand their audience, and Snapchat could gain more repeat visits from users who take a liking to the integrated lenses. Though the lenses were not created by Snapchat, they represent the type of playful and fun features the app has become known for. The high interactivity rates of Snapchat’s young user base make the audience primed for engagement, according to a Gartner report, which could encourage other mobile apps to create integrated lenses on the social media platform. The identification lenses are the newest for Snapchat, following its introduction of “local lenses” that appear when users point their camera at a city landmark to open up an augmented reality experience. Snapchat also plans to continue expanding its comprehensive lenses, including a partnership with food and cosmetics scanner Yuka, which will give Snapchat users nutrition facts when they point their camera at food. While the various lenses on Snapchat provide lighthearted fun for users, the new features lean more into educational territory, allowing users to learn something new as well. 

Snapchat’s integrated lenses provide an alternative outlet to continually creating original lenses while keeping audiences engaged and further developing the app. The brand’s focus on creative, fun, and futuristic features could attract other brands, which ultimately could open both parties, to new monetization opportunities in the future.