Daily Insights

Sky’s the Limit

By: Mackenzie Baker | May 13, 2020

Nike unveiled a new campaign in Brazil for its Air Max 2090 sneakers. The mobile campaign encourages fans to point their smartphones at the sky to unlock an augmented reality experience. When the smartphone cameras are pointed towards the sky, Nike’s new shoe will appear as a floating cloud. Nike created a microsite for the AR launch, where users can access a QR code for the experience. Rather than using an app, which requires cellular data and smartphone memory to download, Nike is running the campaign entirely through its microsite. Fans unlocking the full experience will also get exclusive songs, music videos, and interviews from Brazilian artists such as Djonga and MC Sofia. 

Brazil is one of the many countries around the world under lockdown during the Coronavirus pandemic. To effectively promote to its audiences stuck at home, Nike made its campaign “lockdown-friendly”. The corporation continues to rapidly evolve site functionality around new products, per a Gartner report, so it makes sense that its latest digital promotion includes a dedicated site for the sneakers. Using augmented reality gives fans an opportunity to experience the new shoes in a way they otherwise would not be able to from their homes. Nike’s campaign comes a year after the brand promoted a different pair of Air Max sneakers in Brazil. In 2019 the brand enlisted graffiti artists to paint walls around Sao Paulo featuring the shoes, leading to a 32% increase in Air Max sales. While last year’s campaign encouraged customers to wander through city streets, current Coronavirus circumstances led to a home-focused campaign this year. 

Nike has been adjusting its marketing strategies since the early days of the pandemic to keep customers safe at home, but still engaged. Providing Brazilian customers with exclusive and unique mobile content is one way the brand can keep its loyal fanbase captivated under lockdown.