Daily Insights

Sweet and Studious

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 21, 2020

General Mills takes its product launches in a new direction by teaming up with Sesame Street for a new cereal line.

Sesame Street cereal will be as educational as it is tasty, with General Mills using its new product as a learning tool for young eaters. The line includes two flavor options: “C is for Cinnamon”, which includes alphabet shaped pieces, and “1 2 3 Berry”, which features edible numbers. Each box includes recognizable characters on the front, such as Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Abby Caddaby. In addition to the well-known characters, General Mills could appeal to families via the cereal’s flavors and ingredients. Specifically, the cereal line could help General Mills appeal to younger audiences and their health-conscious parents. Both cereal’s servings boast several grams of fiber and protein, which could prove important as grocery shoppers prioritize ingredient lists and health benefits when food shopping, according to a Gartner report. While older consumers may be drawn in by the health benefits, the “fun” flavors could still prove appealing to children, and thus help boost sales for Sesame Street Cereal.

With many children learning from home this year, opportunities for engagement are ripe. Both Sesame Street and General Mills have upped their at-home marketing initiatives this year, including through partnerships with Headspace, CNN, and Champion. General Mills has also worked with outside partners to create several new cereals, such as its Hershey’s Kisses cereal. While in the past the brand has seen greater profits with sugary cereal sales, changing consumer preferences during the Coronavirus pandemic could help shift its success. To reach homebound consumers of all ages, General Mills turned to Twitter and Instagram, where it invited consumers to look for the specialty boxes in grocery stores beginning in January. The social media promotions could help the food brand tap into Sesame Street’s large and loyal online audience and boost interactions beyond the grocery store. As consumers are 71% more likely to try or buy a product they saw on social media, General Mills marketing strategy could drive shoppers in-store and help grow its dominance in the cereal aisle.

With Sesame Street Cereal, General Mills can grow its product offerings while helping educate and entertain younger consumers. The partnership with the popular children’s show also helps the brand boost at-home engagement and grow a loyal following with consumers of all ages.