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The Beauty of the Game

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 28, 2021

Animal Crossing, 2020’s most played and purchased video game, gets its own beauty collaboration with cosmetic brand ColourPop. The makeup line includes an extensive collection of products, each inspired by an Animal Crossing character. 

Beginning January 28, beauty buyers can get their hands on ColourPop’s new, limited-edition ColourPop x Animal Crossing collection online and at brick and mortar stores like Ulta. The collection features four eye shadow palettes, three tinted lip sets, two powder blushes, and a shimmery glitter gel. Each product features colors inspired by a certain Animal Crossing character, who is displayed on the outside of the packaging. The makeup collection allows Nintendo to interact with consumers outside its virtual worlds, and in particular, boost engagement with female consumers. In the U.S., 41% of gamers are women, but many games and gaming partnerships are aimed at young men. Animal Crossing has proven different however, with past collaborations with Valentino potentially helping draw in more female consumers, who make up 50% of Animal Crossing players. By focusing its attention on female beauty buyers, ColourPop could help Nintendo boost its image as an inclusive electronics and gaming brand. 

Rather than announcing the cosmetic collaboration within its own game, Nintendo turned to Twitter to spotlight the beauty products. The consumer electronics brand included the hashtag #ColourPopxAnimalCrossing in its tweets and encouraged consumers to use it for themselves when showing off the products they purchase. ColourPop, however, will make use of Animal Crossing’s virtual world to promote the products, including through its own makeup themed island that gamers can access beginning January 26. Activating an in-game promotion could help ColorPop prime its target audience for real-world purchases once the collection drops, according to a Gartner report on the topic. The marketing strategy could also help the beauty brand engage a larger audience and align itself with gaming consumers, which could set the stage for future virtual collaborations. 

Animal Crossing’s long line of collaborations continues with a cosmetic venture outside of its digital domain. Working with ColourPop allows Nintendo to play up a new partnership and keep it’s tech relevant with a growing cross audience of game and beauty buyers.