Demand Generation and Sales Enablement

Build and develop successful B2B lead management programs

Use B2B marketing strategies to drive account growth

Account growth can be more profitable than net new customer acquisition and in today's challenging market, B2B marketers must implement top strategies to fuel growth. 

Marketing as a function, can enable sales by supporting customer confidence and decision making with well-positioned content, messages and tools.  Use Gartner research to access best practices and recommendations to support your B2B account growth targets.  

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    The hardest part of B2B solutions isn’t selling them‚ but buying them. Today’s buying journey has effectively reached a tipping point where it’s become nearly unnavigable without a significant amount of help.

    Brent Adamson

    Distinguished VP, Advisory, Gartner

    Success as a marketing leader requires working with sales

    Focusing on B2B demand generation and sales-enablement can help marketers build a strategy to improve sales partnership, support lead management and develop and grow strategic account-based marketing programs, all of which can help buyers buy. Further, buyers reward companies that help them navigate the complex world of B2B digital buying. Marketers must ensure that buyer enablement is available to all customers consistently across both digital and seller channels.

    77% of buyers agree that purchasing has become very complex and difficult.

    B2B Demand Gen Insights You Can Use

    Gartner B2B demand generation and sales-enablement insights and tools help you digitize your B2B demand generation process, benchmark your organization’s performance against other B2B companies, improve the sales-marketing partnership and develop strategic programs to unlock growth from existing accounts.

    Executing high-impact B2B personalization initiatives 

    Personalization offers marketers the promise of reaching the right customers with the right message, at the right time, but it can be a costly endeavor. B2B marketers must ensure that their personalization efforts generate growth without exceeding budget.  Learn how account-based marketing can drive positive outcomes and personalization. 

    Clarifying Marketing's Role in Sales Enablement

    The line between marketing and sales responsibilities can often be blurred, especially with sales enablement programs. Both functions are pressured to grow existing accounts and convert high-quality leads which means increasing demand and understanding the buying journey.  Marketers can help sales enablement by identifying and acting upon the insights gleaned from sales converstations. 

    Marketing can accelerate the B2B buying journey

    B2B buying is more complex than ever before. To drive organizational growth, marketers have to do more than simply educate buyers; they must enable them to buy. Discover how marketing leaders can trebalance content efforts, capitalize on customer and industry knowledge to help buyers buy drive B2B sales.

    Adapt B2B Digital Marketing Strategies

    Brands and companies must have flexibile digital marketing strategies to overcome shifts in buyer behavior and expectations.  B2B brands are not spared the challenges of combatting demand generation slumps due to crisis or hits to customer confidence. Learn the ways in which B2B brands can build and sustain lead generation efforts across digital channels. 

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