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STAMFORD, Conn. June 7, 2022

Gartner Marketing Survey Finds 50% of U.S. Consumers Use a Loyalty Card or App for Gas Price Discounts

CMOs Must Better Understand Consumer Purchase Behaviors in Response to Changing Market Conditions and Inflation

Rising gas prices are spurring U.S. consumers to use payment options that offer the best discounts at the pumps, according to Gartner, Inc.

A Gartner Consumer Community survey of 301 U.S. consumers conducted March 10-17, 2022 revealed:

  • Half of respondents use loyalty cards or apps to receive gas price discounts. General-purpose rewards or cash back apps are currently experiencing explosive growth. These programs offer consumers a simple way to lower necessary monthly expenses. 
  • Forty percent of respondents use a specific type of discount credit card at gas stations. These may be co-branded retailer cards for a particular gas station or a rewards credit card offering cash back on gas purchase.

“Brands that opt to make it easier for customers to save money and capitalize on discounts, such as with loyalty cards, are better positioned to benefit from market fluidity,” said Ross Cosner, VP Analyst in the Gartner Marketing practice

The survey also showed that dueling digital purchase paths for co-branded credit cards create confusion — not just for the retailers and banks involved, but also for customers. Prospective customers are often left wondering whether it is better to apply for a new credit card directly through the gas station website or through the bank. 

“The key challenge is to avoid overlapping marketing spend for new card applications in the form of duplicate landing pages or bidding on the same keywords for search text ads,” said Kyle Rees, senior director analyst in the Gartner Marketing practice. “Eliminating channel ownership and role confusion among retailers and card issuers is an important step given the continued increase in monthly search volume for discount credit card products.”

Near-Term Actions for CMOs

CMOs who seek to understand consumer purchase behaviors in response to changing market conditions – in particular those from banks, gas companies and retail organizations – must:

  1. Promote loyalty program options and quantify cost savings: With increasing options to save money, retailers must understand the benefits of a ubiquitous loyalty program. Consider the ways loyalty programs can be accessed, for example – through a loyalty program card, a branded mobile app, or by using third-party APIs to deliver personalized promotions directly through a branded app.
  2. Highlight quantifiable benefits of discount credit cards: Simplify consumers’ decision-making experience when choosing discount credit cards by highlighting quantifiable discounts for consumer staples like gas. Clearly distinguish anticipated savings and perks with similar products (e.g., savings per gallon for co-branded versus a rewards credit card) across consumer-facing product information.
  3. Clarify marketing responsibilities of co-branded credit card partnerships: Identify preferred purchase paths across digital touchpoints and obtain agreement on responsibilities from key stakeholders involved in the partnership.

“Saving money at the pump isn’t just for the cost-conscious consumer. By amplifying discount options with a clear and quantifiable value proposition, brands can help relieve the squeeze many consumers constantly face due to financial pressures,” said Cosner.

Gartner clients can read more in: “Consumers Seek Payment Discounts at the Pump as Gas Prices Surge.” 

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