Meet the Guest

Dr. Susan David

Do emotions belong in organizations? In a cultural dialogue focused on happiness and productivity, Dr. Susan David looks at the reality of avoiding emotions in our every day life, and how people who engage in high levels of fake emotions have lower engagement, higher burnout, and lower levels of effectiveness. An award-winning Psychologist on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and co-founder and co-director of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, Dr. Susan David talks with us about her new book, Emotional Agility. We will look at how we can recognize and harness people’s emotions effectively, and how we can use our feelings as both compasses and engines to a more fulfilling life.

Talent Angle

Hosted by: Scott Engler

The Gartner Talent Angle podcast is a new and exciting approach to talent management. Every month, we’ll talk with those on the forefront of HR innovation — innovators, academics, HR professionals, economists, coaches — to explore the most interesting and cutting edge ideas in the world of HR and people development. Join us as we reimagine talent.

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