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Read the latest quarterly journal for finance, risk and strategy leaders is a journal designed to help your organization address challenges that require broad mobilization of the C-suite and executive teams. Published quarterly, the journal features the latest research, interviews, profiles and infographics. Complete the form to download your copy of the latest issue. Previous issues are also available for download.

Don't Trip Up in Pursuit of Growth

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  • Insight into the trends impacting operational decision-making at your organization
  • Advice for navigating obstacles that can cause your company to stumble as it races to grow
  • Practical steps for advancing corporate functions

Curb unsound decisions 

Learn surprising ways to drive financially and ethically sound decision-making across your organization, and 10 strategies to combat the staggering costs of bad decisions. 

Seize your moment

Gain an edge with guidance on how to help your organization get to market faster.

Foster collaboration

Build structures for cross-functional collaboration and identify where bottlenecks form.

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