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Learn how to sell in the new, complex buying environment

The new world of buying

The traditional approach to sales and marketing doesn’t work today. Deals are increasingly complex, and customers have access to more information earlier in the sale. Customers are buying in new ways, delaying initial contact with suppliers and requiring greater consensus to move forward.

“For the first time, our customers know more about us than we know about them.”

Vice President, Sales, Healthcare Industry

Evolve how you sell

We studied thousands of customers and sales professionals around the world, spanning every major industry, geography and go-to-market model. We discovered that customers have fundamentally changed the way they buy, which has forced companies to evolve how they sell.

Winning organizations lead with insight and challenge customer assumptions to mobilize customers around a purchase.

Insights You Can Use

Compete and win in a customer-empowered world

Even with more than a half million books sold globally and more than 800,000 global sales professionals trained on Challenger™, we’re just getting started.

Challenger Implementation Guide

Download this straightforward guide to learn how you can implement Challenger at your organization.

Decision-Making Resources

Challenger Implementation

Thinking about bringing the Challenger model to your organization? Your no-nonsense guide awaits.

Bonus Materials
Challenger Sale

Use supplemental tools, including the Challenger self-assessment, coaching guide, and book discussion guide, as you think about starting the Challenger journey.

Challenger Messaging Engagement

Learn how to create commercial interactions your customers will value.

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    Gartner’s Challenger experts

    Brent Adamson
    Brent Adamson

    Co-author of "The Challenger Sale" and "The Challenger Customer"

    Nick Toman
    Nick Toman

    Co-author of "The Challenger Customer"

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