Frontline Sales Manager Diagnostic

Are your sales managers focusing on the actions that drive commercial performance? Survey your frontline staff to identify the strengths and weaknesses of sales managers throughout your organization.

Get a 360° view of the sales manager role

Deploy this diagnostic to get actionable results that will help your organization:

Identify high-impact skill opportunities for individual manager improvement.

Benchmark manager time spend across critical skills and behaviors.

Enable tailored behavior change to ensure your managers drive commercial success among their teams.

Leverage data-backed metrics to inform talent-based decisions.

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What you get

Customized reports

The Frontline Sales Manager Diagnostic provides you with a health check of your organization’s effectiveness on the metrics that are important to sales enablement teams.

Ongoing access

Retain a historical perspective with repeat participation, and monitor trends with updated benchmarking.

Interactive results platform

Explore your results on the Gartner Pulse Platform to compare custom segments of your data (e.g., by business unit or geography).

Action planning with an expert

Save time interpreting the report with our diagnostic result walk-through, and receive guidance from a member of our advisory team to determine the next steps.

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