Reducing Cost to Serve by Improving Customer Loyalty

Cox Automotive

The senior director of client services saw an opportunity to reduce his organization’s cost to serve by improving customer loyalty and reducing customer effort. Over several months, Gartner provided comprehensive support on improving talent management (live service channels) and multichannel strategy through tools, advisor partnership and research.

Mission-critical priority

Drive business impact by reducing cost to serve through a low-effort service strategy.

How Gartner helped

Gartner identified the biggest opportunities for service rep talent management and supported the development of a high-quality staff coaching plan based on our Improving Service Rep Experience research. Other Gartner support included evolving talent evaluation criteria into a competency-based model and leading a team session on developing a multichannel strategy to guide customers to faster resolution. Gartner also introduced turnkey tools, such as our Ignition Guide to Building a Customer Service Journey Map, and further incorporated the principles of Effortless Experience research.

Mission accomplished

With Gartner’s support, the client saw first-contact resolution rates rise from 62% to 80%, same-day resolution rates increase from 76% to 90% and speed to answer decrease from six-and-a-half minutes to less than one minute.

Automotive Software

Approx. $7 billion


Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for Customer Service and Support Leaders

There was a measurable return in what we were able to accomplish through our partnership with Gartner. We have been able to implement CSAT scores that have risen from roughly 93% to 98%, and our effort scores dropped four to five percentage points as well. And now we sit around 97% from a client effort perspective.

Matthew Hurst

Senior Director of Client Services, Cox Auto

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