CRM Strategy and Customer Experience

Learn how CRM and CX programs helps steer the service experience

Enhancing Customer Service Strategy and Customer Experience

With competition intensifying and increased global uncertainty, treating customers well is more important than ever. Critical to service leaders success are CRM systems and improving the customer experience (CX). However, CRM and CX strategies must adapt as the organization, its customers and its environment evolve. Failing to do so puts the organization at risk.

CRM strategy and customer experience. Outside-in includes design, voice of customer, personas and journeys, customer insight, and culture. Inside-out includes marketing, sales, digital commerce, customer service, and field service.

Build Robust Customer Experience and CRM Programs

Building robust CX and CRM programs allows organizations to focus on the needs of its customers, making them the focal point of the organization and the decision-making process. This in turn leads to improved customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

Customer experience and CRM are made up of four steps: 1. Extend the depth and breadth of customer relationships, 2. Minimize transaction barriers and reduce costs, 3. Use and enhance brand equity, 4. Focus on customer value and satisfaction. These lead to customer service and support that is consistent, intelligent, effortless, and personalized.

Insights to Improve Customer Experience

The consequences of getting things wrong with your customers have become more serious, from weakened financial performance to loss of market share. Gartner research can help transform your CRM and CX strategy by navigating uncertainty around the four pillars that are key to improving the service experience.

CRM Strategy and Technology

An effective CRM project requires customer-facing processes to be considered across the enterprise. These capabilities include the people, processes and technologies required to deliver the customer relationship strategy.

CX Processes and Methodologies

Organizations can boost the effectiveness of their customer initiatives with the aid of these best-practice customer experience processes and methodologies. Technology is also providing innovative ways to further manage, engage and learn about customers.

CX Project Planning, Prioritization, Execution and Measurement

Organizations must make critical decisions when it comes to its customers and determine which needs will be supported. Implementing a CX measurement system can help to signal whether these projects are meeting CX objectives.

Understanding Customer Needs, Expectations and Perceptions

The foundation of customer experience is understanding customers. Collecting direct, indirect or inferred customer feedback allows the organization to critically realign its strategy to improve the service experience.

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