Customer Service Benchmarks and Diagnostic Tools

Measure performance against peers, strategic priorities and future needs, and position yourself to drive business goals.

Gartner clients have access to our rich customer service benchmarking resources to help them compare their organizations against those of their peers. We collect data on over 300 customer service and support metrics, and provide it back through our research, tools and custom reporting.

Gartner Customer Service & Support Score

The Customer Service & Support Score is both a functional maturity assessment and prioritization tool. It measures your contact center’s maturity across a comprehensive set of critical customer service activities. The tool evaluates your center’s current maturity level for each activity against objective, research based performance standards. It also helps you identify priorities for improvement based on how important the activities are to your organization’s strategic objectives.

Budget & Headcount Benchmarking Survey

Gauge your current spending levels and make a case for new budget targets in the next fiscal year. With the Gartner Customer Service Budget & Headcount Benchmarking Survey, you can see how your spend levels stack up and how you can optimize investments to support long-term improvements for your function.

Customer Service Rep Experience Survey

The foundation of customer service and support begins with the rep experience. The Gartner Rep Experience Survey is the result of more than 12 years of studying the rep experience and includes a varied and diverse set of metrics, covering all the critical behaviors needed for managing staff performance. The survey can be customized across question modules to allow you to focus on what is most relevant to your business, whether it’s a little bit of everything or a deep dive into coaching behaviors.

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