The Rep Experience Survey

Do your service reps have the appropriate skills and resources to effectively resolve customer issues? The Gartner Rep Experience Survey provides you with a health check of your organization’s effectiveness on the metrics that directly influence rep performance.

Customer service and support leaders can use the Rep Experience Survey to:

Understand the challenges reps face across 4 modules

Coaching Effectiveness

Obtain detailed insights into your reps’ perceptions of their managers’ coaching effectiveness.

Rep Productivity With Systems and Tools

Gain a better understanding of how reps perceive the usability and effectiveness of systems and tools required to complete their jobs.

Rep Disengagement and Burnout

Measure the key causes of rep disengagement that are increasing costs and leading to poor customer experience.

The Remote Work Environment

Evaluate reps’ experiences with working from home and the support they receive within the remote work environment.

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What you get

Vetted set of questions

A curated list of questions helps you gain valuable insight on the drivers of coaching effectiveness and productivity.

Ongoing Access

Gain access to updated benchmarks, new content for future use and new comparisons.

Action Planning

Gartner Research & Advisory services are available to help you develop an action plan.

Robust Reporting

Segmentation, time trending, analysis and manager-level reporting give you a deeper understanding of metrics from various perspectives in the service organization.

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Testimonials from Clients

How can the Gartner Rep Experience Survey help you empower your reps?

Learn how the Sr. Director of Customer Success at UGI Utilities, Inc., used the Gartner Customer Service Rep Experience Survey to gain detailed insight into representatives’ perspectives on coaching effectiveness, productivity and disengagement to improve customer service.

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