Becoming Cash-Flow-Positive After a Liquidity Shortage

The company experienced a severe liquidity shortage, but the CFO wanted to avoid taking out a line of credit. With support from Gartner, he overhauled the company’s cash forecasting process, and the company is positioned to become cash flow positive in 2020.

Mission-critical priority

The company experienced a liquidity shortage in the aftermath of COVID-19, but needed to avoid drawing down credit lines. The CFO asked: “How can I drive cash flow now?”

How Gartner helped

A Gartner advisor helped the CFO address his most urgent cash flow concerns by revamping the company’s short-term cash forecasting method, implementing smarter processes, simplifying information flows and enhancing the presentation of data to stakeholders. The advisor also provided tools for building a culture of cash-consciousness that instilled positive behavioral change in business leaders to minimize future liquidity problems.

Business impact

With support from Gartner for Finance, the client successfully: 

  • Informed critical decisions the company made in immediate response to COVID-19
  • Enabled the company to maintain healthy liquidity levels without drawing down credit lines
  • Positioned the company to become cash flow positive in 2020
  • Enabled more accurate monitoring of short-term cash flow expectations
  • Improved business leaders' understanding of controllable cash flow drivers




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