Becoming Cash-Flow-Positive After a Liquidity Shortage

The company experienced a severe liquidity shortage, but the CFO wanted to avoid taking out a line of credit. With support from Gartner, he overhauled the company’s cash forecasting process, and the company is positioned to become cash flow positive in 2020.

Most critical priority

The company experienced a liquidity shortage in the aftermath of COVID-19, but needed to avoid drawing down credit lines. The CFO asked: “How can I drive cash flow now?”

How Gartner helped

A Gartner advisor helped the CFO address his most urgent cash flow concerns by revamping the company’s short-term cash forecasting method, implementing smarter processes, simplifying information flows and enhancing the presentation of data to stakeholders. The advisor also provided tools for building a culture of cash-consciousness that instilled positive behavioral change in business leaders to minimize future liquidity problems.

Business impact

With support from Gartner for Finance, the client successfully: 

  • Informed critical decisions the company made in immediate response to COVID-19
  • Enabled the company to maintain healthy liquidity levels without drawing down credit lines
  • Positioned the company to become cash flow positive in 2020
  • Enabled more accurate monitoring of short-term cash flow expectations
  • Improved business leaders' understanding of controllable cash flow drivers




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