Creating a Workplace 2025 Roadmap

A large enterprise materials company needed to cut costs by optimizing its corporate real estate (CRE) portfolio while continuing to attract and retain high-quality talent in its new regional office. Using Gartner benchmarks, surveys and advisory services, our client created a Workplace 2025 Roadmap that was both compelling for talent and cost-conscious.

Mission-critical priority

Facing a cost-reduction mandate, the Divisional VP of Workplace Services needed to reduce portfolio size while avoiding space constraints and create a “Workplace 2025 Roadmap” to attract and retain high-quality talent to maximize returns on key investments.

How Gartner helped

With expert guidance from our advisors and by using tools including space utilization benchmarks, employee assessment surveys and Gartner Finance Score for Corporate Real Estate, the client was able to identify cost-saving opportunities, accurately measure employee satisfaction levels and quickly execute key initiatives for optimizing space utilization, increasing employee engagement and improving productivity levels.

Business impact

With Gartner support, this client: 

  • Optimized the corporate real estate portfolio and identified cost reduction opportunities by using the Gartner cost & space benchmark reporting and analysis tool.
  • Increased productivity and employee satisfaction by quantifying employee experience and satisfaction levels.
  • Used guidance from our expert advisors to develop a clear action plan for executing on the identified CRE priorities.

Materials & Technology

Approx $10 Billion+

50,000 +

Divisional VP of Workplace Services

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