Expand Shared Services' Scope

The Global Business Services (GBS) leader at a large manufacturer looked to Gartner for help expanding shared services’ scope. Our tools and real-world insight helped the GBS leader save time, secure buy-in from the corporate leadership team for scope expansion, drive process consistency and improve decisions related to resource allocation.

Mission-critical priority

To drive its maturity and value-add, the GBS leader looked to expand shared services’ scope. This required that he first defend plans and recommend investments to corporate leadership.

How Gartner helped

The Gartner advisor provided objective, peer-based criteria to assess shared services’ readiness to deliver on new work (e.g., process, technology) and possible business partner resistance (e.g., local IT, regulation). Next, he shared a best-practice model for measuring business partner requests on complexity and contribution to competitive advantage. Last, he helped craft a deliberate, measured plan for advancing shared services maturity.

Business impact

Armed with Gartner tools and real-world insight into scope expansion from the Gartner advisor, the GBS leader was able to: 

  • Save time engineering his project evaluation approach
  • Ensure his scope expansion proposal would be embraced by corporate leadership
  • Standardize readiness assessment and activity intake for the enterprise

Heavy Equipment Manufacturing



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