Personalized, Targeted Support Advances Finance Leader Effectiveness

The senior finance leaders at a large services firm turned to Gartner for guidance on long-term growth planning and benchmarks to effectively scope financial, planning and analysis (FP&A) roles and responsibilities. Our comprehensive, timely and targeted decision support enabled greater confidence in investment targets and cost allocations and in setting up the FP&A function quickly and effectively.

Mission-critical priority

A business unit CFO hired a new VP of finance to build the FP&A team, and she herself was charged by the corporate CFO to build a long-term plan for business growth.

How Gartner helped

  • By providing guidance on long-term growth planning and best-practice research on maximizing growth opportunities
  • By giving peer examples of finance organizational structures and expert advice on design to avoid rework
  • By customizing an engagement plan that included when the Gartner service team would deliver the highest-value resources to address key initiatives
  • With candid feedback on the finance function’s strategic plan, partnership agreements and budget presentations

Business impact

The Gartner comprehensive, timely and targeted decision support enabled the business unit CFO and VP of finance to quickly and effectively set up the FP&A function and: 

  • Increase confidence in investment targets
  • Make smarter cost allocation decisions 
  • Sharpen all aspects of the long-term growth plan


$1 to $5 billion

10,000 to 50,000

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