Optimizing Cash-Flow Management With Improved Financial Discipline

In order to manage the steady decline of financial reserves, a large nonprofit organization urgently needed to improve its cash-flow management. With the help of Gartner’s benchmarking capabilities and best-practice decision support, the CFO was able to stave off yearly cash flow through the rollout of new finance metrics that instilled greater financial discipline across the company, and which resulted in the organization turning cash-flow positive for the first time in a decade.

Mission-critical priority

A new-to-role CFO’s mandate was to stave off yearly declines of the organization’s cash flow.

How Gartner helped

Gartner Executive Advisors helped the CFO to diagnose the effectiveness of the finance function and benchmark cash-flow performance relative to peers. Using Gartner’s “Ignition Guide to Selecting KPIs,” the client was also able to set up a new finance dashboard to track performance more effectively across the organization and better identify cash-flow problems.

Business impact

With Gartner’s support, the client: 

  • Saved time and money by benchmarking functional effectiveness against objective peer-based performance standards.
  • Calibrated working capital and cash-flow performance by comparing to data from more than 2,000 organizations.
  • Identified and pressure-tested new metrics to effectively explain and predict the organization’s financial performance.


Approx. 1,500


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