Secure Buy-In for Shared Services Rollout

The head of global shared services at a Canadian financial services firm and a Gartner advisor collaborated to secure the executive buy-in needed for an enterprisewide shared services rollout. Together they developed a sound shared services implementation approach; stood up new, high-value shared services capabilities; and built credibility with key stakeholders. 

Mission-critical priority

A head of global shared services needed to secure buy-in from his CEO, as well as individual business unit leaders at his organization, to fully implement shared services.

How Gartner helped

A Gartner advisor outlined a practical, step-by-step plan for architecting and launching shared services, which established strong governance and flagged key milestones to aid in performance measurement and continuous improvement. He also provided off-the-shelf templates to take swift action against high-priority projects, and lessons learned from peer companies to avoid common missteps and make decisions with confidence.

Business impact

Together, the client and advisor developed a shared services implementation approach grounded in best practice, and stood up new, high-value shared services capabilities. The advisor also shared new insight on shared services value, and guided the client in fostering relevant discussion and collaboration among key stakeholders. All of this helped to secure management's buy-in for full shared services rollout.

Financial Services

$1 billion to $3 billion

5,000 to 10,000

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