Transforming Finance Business Partnership

In order to improve the quality of financial decision making in line with organizational growth objectives, the CFO at a nonprofit research firm set out to transform the function’s business partnership capabilities. Using Gartner support, the clients implemented an enhanced business partnership model that yielded more productive interactions between finance and the business, increased the accessibility of financial reporting and improved the impact of business decisions.

Mission-critical priority

To improve operational decisions and the quality of management reporting, the head of financial planning and analysis (FP&A) was tasked with transforming the organization’s business partnership model and better aligning finance with the wider business.

How Gartner helped

Gartner Executive Advisors partnered with the CFO and head of FP&A to benchmark their processes using Gartner’s Defining the Scope of FP&A’s Analytic Support survey and advise them on best approaches for aligning the central finance team with the business. The client used Gartner implementation resources, including the Finance 2020 Competency Model, to develop a plan for transitioning the function from a finance generalist model to a “finance expert” model.

Business impact

With Gartner for Finance, the client: 

  • Improved operational decisions by harnessing peer-based benchmarks and examples of other organizations’ proven approaches.
  • Saved time, and minimized risk by leveraging expert research and documented best practices.
  • Reduced costs and improve operational decision making by working with our experts to deliver an enhanced business partnership model.

Nonprofit Research Organization

Approx. $3 Billion

< 1,000

CFO and Head of FP&A

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