Agile Finance Strategy

Build Your Agile Finance Function

Build an agile finance strategy

How do CFOs maximize their role in both good and bad financial times? With an agile finance strategy that delivers long-term value even when facing shifting market dynamics. 

Develop a clear, concise and measurable strategic plan for finance using Gartner's 1-page template. 

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    Uncertain market dynamics call for an agile finance strategy

    Whether your organization missed, met or exceeded financial expectations, CFOs must continually make smart decisions to propel the organization forward in today’s competitive and uncertain landscape. And having an agile finance function that's able to course-correct quickly in any condition is key.

    Only 13% of organizations identify performnce issues before they hit financials.

    How we address your top challenges

    Gartner provides robust benchmarks, validated data, tactical tools and peer-sourced best practices to help CFOs improve the agility of their functions and enable business growth.

    How do we enhance profitability and drive digital?

    94% of CFOs have greater ambitions for digital growth and spending, but many are worried about remaining profitable given inflationary pressures. Driving digital acceleration while enhancing near-term profitability is no easy task. Learn seven mistakes CFOs should avoid when managing profitability and frameworks for how to segment costs to differentiate your performance in the coming quarters and years.

    How do we counteract inflation pressures?

    74% of CFOs believe lower profitability is the biggest risk of input price inflation, but most don’t know how to take the long-term action necessary to manage the dual challenges of rising input prices and shrinking margins. Learn how CFOs are managing margin pressure in the short and long-term.

    How do we effectively allocate capital?

    Organizations must quickly shift capital from lower-value uses toward higher returns; however, many companies find themselves anchored in legacy investments and outdated ways of assessing value creation. Uncover how leading finance teams are taking an “activist” posture towards investment and capital allocation decisions, and how they drive successful outcomes by investing in the face of uncertainty.

    How do we position finance to drive value?

    CFOs have a new role in capturing value for the organization: funding competitive differentiation. For 15 years, Gartner has examined how finance teams successfully drive both top- and bottom-line improvements. See the key findings and learn how CFOs can drive value.

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    Gartner for Finance Leaders is a tailor-made solution providing trusted insights, strategic advice and practical tools that help finance leaders make the right decisions to drive business performance.