Finance Robotics: Seizing the Opportunity

Drive greater efficiency, compliance and productivity

How can I successfully implement finance robotics?

Many finance leaders are embracing robotic process automation, or RPA, (sometimes called smart automation or intelligent automation) to structure more efficient finance teams, reduce costs and improve compliance. But they lack an implementation roadmap.

Gartner research helped us shape our thinking around robotics and testing operational models. It saved us a considerable amount of research time and confirmed what we were working on. Very helpful.

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Successful implementation starts with use cases

Since not all work is a good fit for finance robotics, it’s critical to identify the best use cases for it (there are currently about 50 of them).

Insights you can use

Understand the right places to deploy finance robotics, proven methods for tracking and assessing its benefits, and techniques for handling the integration of finance robotics with team design and structure.

Special Report: The New Digital Workforce

Download this CFO Magazine special report featuring Gartner insights to learn about:

  • How a top financial services company successfully piloted finance robotics
  • The average costs of finance robotics
  • Use cases for finance robotics
  • The future state of finance robotics

Finance Robotics: Trendspotting Bots

Is artificial intelligence your investors’ newest advisor? Gartner research reveals that 60% of earnings calls are spent on Q&A, and that bots now scrutinize them to detect lies and hidden sentiment, and to make conclusions that will affect analysts’ investment decisions. Read our guide to learn what bots are listening for and how to avoid being misheard.

Webinar: “Why Your Organization Needs RPA”

The use of robotic process automation (RPA) is skyrocketing in many parts of organizations, driving greater efficiencies in areas including operations, finance and audit. Watch our cross-functional webinar to learn:

  • Why robotic process automation is important for you
  • How RPA benefits finance
  • How RPA improves audit

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Join hundreds of senior finance executives to hear key insights and learn actionable strategies for building the finance function of the future. Finance leaders who attend will:

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After attending [the Finance Conference], we were able to locate and mitigate a $2 million risk [and] avoided a potential audit.

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How does Gartner support finance robotics?

Gartner helps an aerospace & defense company implement finance robotics, achieving cost efficiency and business buy-in.

Gartner Robotics in Finance Experts

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