Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) Transformation

Improve forecast precision and deliver decision-ready insights that drive growth

FP&A must drive profitable business decisions

As companies increase investments in advanced analytics, FP&A leaders are well positioned to provide precise forecasts and actionable insights to support quick and accurate decision making. However, dispersed organizational data and outdated, non-standardized reporting processes mean financial planning and analysis teams often fail to provide clear, decision-ready insights that businesses need to drive growth.

73% of finance functions favor a centralized, tightly governed source for data.

Without the right KPIs, you can ultimately make decisions that aren’t based on information that’s relevant to those decisions.

Colt Meraw

Director of FP&A, Urban Institute

How we address your top challenges

FP&A leaders are pressed to deliver accurate forecasts, high-quality decision support and actionable insights in decentralized organizational structures and often with limited resources. Our trusted research, expert advice and robust benchmarks help you transform your financial planning and analysis capabilities and support strategic decisions that grow your business.

Define the scope of finance analytics

Demand for analytic-driven decision making across the business has continuously increased. FP&A leaders must identify the key business decisions to support with finance analytics.

Deliver high-quality financial analysis

Returns on finance analytics investments remain limited. Finance analytics are often misinterpreted or misused. High-quality financial planning and analysis can improve decision outcomes by up to 1% of sales. Learn how to deliver top-quartile financial planning and analysis.

Transition to rolling forecasts

Traditional forecasting methods are based on static, outdated data and are not able to support high-quality decisions in today’s fast-paced business environment. Rolling forecasts provide better visibility into future outcomes, identify novel risks and inform operational and strategic decisions.

Optimize FP&A performance

Only 13% of organizations identify performance issues before they hit financials, while 81% of organizations take too long to remediate performance issues. Learn how the best financial planning and analysis teams identify issues early and shorten the process from identification to resolution.

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