CEO Executive Transition and Succession Planning

The chief people officer (CPO) needed to quickly assist the Board with the search for a new CEO, along with helping with the executive transition. With help from Gartner, the CPO improved decisions and mitigated risks while planning for CEO succession. Ultimately the CPO positioned HR as strategic partner to the Board and elevated the function’s profile.

Mission-critical priority

Create and execute a successful CEO succession planning process, while mitigating employee turnover risks.  

How Gartner helped

Gartner helped accelerate the CEO selection by developing a hiring process to identify the best-fit CEO candidate. The CPO turned to his Gartner Executive Partner to create contingency plans to help mitigate the risks of losing key talent during the transition and unexpected turnover. Additionally, Gartner helped refine the new onboarding strategy to align with the new CEO's priorities.

Business impact

With Gartner support, the CPO: 

  • Developed a robust CEO assessment and selection process for the Board, improving decision making
  • Avoided common retention risks and kept key talent stable and engaged during CEO transition
  • Accelerated time to impact for the new CEO through improved quality of onboarding
  • Positioned HR as a strategic partner to the Board and elevated the function's profile

Mining & Transportation

Approx. $1B+


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