Daily Insights

A Present from Pinterest

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 12, 2019

Pinterest is on the “Nice” list this year after helping consumers get ready for Small Business Saturday with its new online shop.

Small Business Saturday, held the day after Black Friday, received a boost this year thanks to Pinterest’s new small business shop. The shop partnered with a curated list of seventeen small businesses from around the U.S. to create the “Pinterest Shop.” It featured hundreds of product pins, from brands selling everything from hair care to leather goods. While the platform is already home to many product pins where users can click and purchase items from places like Target and Walmart, the small-business pins are meant to directly benefit lesser-known brands. This holiday-shopping addition comes at a time when the platform has been increasing shopping tactics, rather than the brand’s original intention of only visually sharing interests. To increase the holiday shopping promotion, Pinterest is also letting users shop from the stores via Instagram by tapping a picture to get more details on the product and the link to purchase. This makes sense, as Instagram is a popular choice for retail brands creating buzz around new promotions, according to a Gartner L2 report on the topic.

Instagram continues to be the best way to reach teens—but they are not Pinterest’s main target users. In its IPO filing, Pinterest noted that 80% of its users were women with children, and “8 out of 10 moms” used the platform. With the Pinterest Shop, the company hopes that many of these moms will still be able to contribute to small businesses, without having to leave their homes. 

While other platforms have been promoting big-name retailers in anticipation of holiday shopping, Pinterest has been creating its own shop to benefit small-scale boutiques to put a digital spin on what is traditionally a brick-and-mortar-based excursion.