Daily Insights

All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go

By: Mackenzie Baker | May 12, 2020

Shoppers are buying less clothing to wear out, opting instead for athleisure outfits to be worn at home. Department store brand Kohl’s is responding to these new consumer preferences with an updated digital shopping experience. 

Kohl’s is remodeling its virtual closet on Snapchat. Using augmented reality, Snapchat users can go shopping at Kohl’s via the app. Mobile site visitors account for the majority of digital sales traffic for Kohl’s, according to a Gartner report, so creating a digital shopping alternative could help the department store lean into its virtual consumer base. Kohl’s released the virtual showroom in early 2020, but quickly pivoted the inventory from spring and summer clothing to working-from-home athleisure to meet the needs of shoppers under lockdown. 

For the shoppable campaign, Snapchat designed an AR lens portal that allows users to browse all of its different clothing options. The technology allows users to mix and match different pieces to see what they like together before purchasing their outfits without leaving Snapchat. Users can access Kohl’s closet via the brand’s snapcode or through the lens carousel on Snapchat. While sales of work apparel have plummeted, comfort clothing—such as pajama pants and workout clothes—are soaring. Providing convenient avenues to buy covetable clothing from home could help Kohl’s engage with consumers looking for alternative shopping experiences. 

Kohl’s is giving its home-bound audience a new way to shop during the Coronavirus pandemic. By working with Snapchat to create a virtual closet, the department store brand could entice potential customers interested in a new way to rework their wardrobe.