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Fenty Beauty’s Full House

By: Mackenzie Baker | Apr 01, 2020

Fenty Beauty, the cosmetic brand by Rihanna, is using TikTok to promote the next generation of makeup influencers. 

To reach its Gen Z target audience, the brand created the Fenty Beauty House. The house is a real mansion in Los Angeles rented out by Rihanna and set up for five “creators” to live in and continuously post content from. The house opened at the beginning of March with five beauty creators hand-picked by Rihanna. The house includes multiple makeup stations and a makeup pantry full of Fenty Beauty products. For TikTok content, the brand is taking a subtle approach—creators are releasing humor-driven or lip-syncing music videos, artfully including Fenty products in the background. When released on the creator’s personal accounts, the videos are not always labeled as paid content, depending on whether the products were the focal point of the videos or not. 

Fenty Beauty released an introductory video on the brand channel announcing its collaborative house, receiving almost 350,000 views in the first week. Additionally, the brand’s hashtags— #fentybeauty and #fentybeautyhouse—garnered a collective hundred million views since the public release on March 6th. While the launch has amassed a large following on TikTok, the spread of Coronavirus has caused the house to be put on hold until the creators can safely gather again. Despite current circumstances, the creators are still being tapped to create content on behalf of Fenty remotely, continuing the promotion of the brand’s hashtags. 

TikTok has seen colossal growth in the past year and beauty brands are starting to take notice, according to a Gartner report on the topic. By capitalizing on the app’s high Gen Z engagement rates, including as more people join the app while self-isolating, Fenty Beauty could create an established community of loyal fans on TikTok.