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Heinz Spices up the Condiment Aisle

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 09, 2020

Heinz Ketchup is introducing a sweet and spicy condiment to its flavor lineup: a new product that blends honey and sriracha, appropriately called HoneyRacha

The brand has been diving headfirst into condiment mashups for the past two years. In 2018 it debuted Mayochup (mayo and ketchup); in 2019 the company produced Mayomust (mayo and mustard), Mayocue (BBQ sauce and mayo), and Kranch (ketchup and ranch). For 2020 the brand is starting off strong with another  highly requested mashup, HoneyRacha. Heinz hopes that adding honey to the mix will entice consumers who are more spice averse, while still appealing to those that love the bold flavor of sriracha. This makes sense, as consumer food preferences are evolving according to a Gartner report on the topic. 

Heinz is set to debut the new condiment during this year’s SuperBowl—the brand’s first SuperBowl ad in three years. The ad was directed by self-proclaimed Heinz superfan Roman Coppola, whose thirty-second ad will be featured in the second quarter of the game. Although the condiment will make its television debut next month, Heinz will not be selling the product in stores until the spring. 

Heinz is building up anticipation for its newest condiment early, giving fans plenty of time to decide what food they want to put HoneyRacha on first. Other food labels could look to Heinz for creating unique, fan-requested flavors as a way to engage with their audience and strengthen brand personality.