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Ikea Holds Down the Fort

By: Mackenzie Baker | May 18, 2020

Being at home during the Coronavirus pandemic has left many families searching for original entertainment ideas. Enter IKEA and its step-by-step guide to building a blanket fort. 

As furniture sales have paused and stores remain shuttered, IKEA is giving fans something to build while at home. The Swedish retail company is well known for its detailed assembly guides for building furniture, but is now applying its meticulous instructions to living-room forts. Ikea Russia released a blanket fort instruction manual with six different fort models to choose from. The detailed guides include a drawing of what the finished fort should look like and pictures of each piece needed for assembly. The manuals are designed exactly like IKEA’s original furniture instruction manuals and even include Swedish titles for each fort. The brand made sure to use items many families may have at home, such as couch cushions, books, and chairs, to make assembly of the forts easy and accessible to all. 

The guides were released to the masses via Ikea Russia’s social media channels. Fort-builders are encouraged to share pictures of their creations on Twitter and Instagram using a Russain hashtag, #явдомикеикеа. The brand published the fort instructions as part of its “stay at home” marketing efforts. Releasing these at-home features virtually allows Ikea to invest in online-centric marketing initiatives during the pandemic, which in turn could help drive digital sales according to a Gartner report. To further keep children entertained during lockdown, Ikea released a coloring book home catalog in Israel, as well as a tongue-in-cheek picture guide on how to stay indoors during the pandemic. For those that love the food as much as the furniture, Ikea also released its Swedish meatball recipe, though in true form, it was released as a picture-centric instruction manual. 

Ikea is taking at-home comfort to the next level with its blanket fort guides. While the manuals are aimed at children looking for entertainment, the positive international reaction proves the forts are just as appealing for adults at home, too.