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Kellogg’s Goes Against the Grain

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jun 29, 2020

Kellogg’s is remixing two of its most popular cereals, Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops, by fusing them together in a single box. The move follows Kellogg’s survey results that showed almost 50% of cereal consumers mix different types together in a bowl when eating. To help customers get the best of both worlds—i.e. getting more than one cereal but only having to buy one box—Kellogg’s is now debuting its limited-edition “Mashups” boxes. The two-in-one cereal experience is only rolling out with the Frosted Flakes-Froot Loops combo, though Kellogg’s could release different variations to the Mashups line, particularly if cereal consumers take to the innovative boxing. Additionally, the Mashups are only launching in the U.S., though they could expand to other markets in the future. 

Kellogg’s new cereal combo has the potential to attract both cereal “mixers” and cereal “purists”. The timing of the release could lead to boosted sales since cereal consumption has continually increased during the Coronavirus pandemic, presumably as consumers look for familiar and comforting snack foods while stuck at home amidst unpredictable times. Additionally, despite how sugar-heavy the cereals are, Kellogg’s and other cereal makers such as General Mills, have seen greater success with sugary cereal sales. Though consumers generally lean into healthier options and nutritional purchasing habits, cereal tends to be an area of indulgence for consumers, and one where recipes and ingredients are less relevant according to a Gartner report on the topic. As such, Kellogg’s has not shied away from promoting its sweet breakfast foods, including its latest rendition. The brand used Instagram to announce the Mashups with the tagline “breakfast is now twice as awesome” to build up excitement with fans. 

By delivering a “new” product that features two old favorites, Kellogg’s does not have to lean on a large marketing campaign, but could instead capitalize on the pre-existing fame of the two cereal flavors while also stirring up excitement amongst cereal lovers of all loyalties.