Daily Insights

Luxury Fashion’s Game Plan

By: Mackenzie Baker | Mar 05, 2020

Luxury fashion brands are making unanticipated moves into the gaming industry. 

Luxury brand collaborations have been infiltrating the gaming scene, finding success particularly in China where 50% of gamers are women. Games such as League of Legends and Kiss of Honor have partnered with brands including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and MAC—this allows the brands to reach a new audience, especially Gen-Z gamers. A Gartner report found that prioritizing platforms where younger consumers are active, but luxury brands are fairly absent, can help cultivate loyalty from Gen-Z—making the gaming industry ripe for engagement. 

Gaming provides a unique social experience for brands, presenting a digital connectedness luxury labels cannot always achieve through typical platforms. Gaming has been rising in prominence, influencing fashion labels outside of the industry as well. Some gamers have gathered cult followings—two popular gamers even released their own streetwear collections following their rise in popularity. Moschino channeled The Sims for its Autumn/Winter 2019 collection which included “pixelated” products; The Sims users could then purchase Moschino clothing for their virtual worlds. Nike also worked with Fortnite for an in-game Air Jordan collaboration in 2019. 

Fashion and cosmetic brands have been embracing mixed reality experiences as consumers blur the lines between digital and actual reality. Digital fashion and gaming are two growing industries, and their partnerships are coming at a prime time to reach evolving consumers.