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Michelob Ultra Makes a Run for It

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 15, 2020

Michelob Ultra works with Spotify Canada to bring curated playlists to athletes. 

The Michelob Ultra Playlist Maker marks the beer brand’s first dynamic advertising campaign in Canada. Working with Spotify, Michelob Ultra connects with runners by helping them create playlists curated to their workouts. Runners can set up playlists based on how long they will be running and at what intensity, with Michelob Ultra suggesting songs to fit their routine. When listening to their customized playlists, runners will hear Michelob Ultra ads tailored to their location. For those who do not want to set up a playlist but would rather hear a previously produced track list, Michelob Ultra also created a “top running songs” hub on Spotify where they can find their preferred workout music. 

Michelob Ultra encourages Canadian Spotify users to set up their running playlists by October 2 so they have something to listen to while participating in the Ultra Night Run. The 5 and 10 kilometer event invites Spotify listeners to run the distance outside or on a treadmill anytime between October 2-4. The beer brand typically holds the race in-person, but moved this year’s race online to encourage social distancing. Runners can sign up on Michelob Ultra’s website, where each registration benefits Food Banks Canada. For every 5k registration, the beer brand donates five meals to the food banks, while a 10k registration provides 10 meals. 

While the Michelob Ultra Playlist Maker appeals to runners in particular, the campaign as a whole could help the brand stay highly in-sync with health-minded consumers, according to a Gartner report. It could allow Michelob Ultra to double down on its health-conscious image while connecting with consumers looking for a low-carb, low-calorie beverage. The targeted ads could also keep the beer brand top of mind with Canadian listeners and boost beer sales in the country. Michelob Ultra is promoting its charity run and customized tunes on Instagram, where the hashtag #LiveFitLiveFun is used to motivate runners on the hunt for the perfect playlist. 

The Michelob Ultra Playlist Maker is the latest sports-themed initiative by the beer brand, following its NBA Courtside Campaign in July. By working with Spotify, Michelob Ultra could grab the attention of fitness enthusiasts through a personalized experience that gives them control of when and where they hear its ads.