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Nice Products Finish Last

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 25, 2019

With three quarters of triple-digit year-over-year growth in 2018, Amazon has significantly accelerated its advertising business. As 2019 kicks off, the trend is expected to continue, with the company predicted to bring in $18 billion of ad business this year.

But getting noticed on the crowded platform can be tough, especially with an unending slew of new and independent brands sprouting up by the dozen. Here’s how one household brand scored the top spot in Amazon’s Best Seller battle.

On average, UK CPG brand Finish ranks in the top ten for home care in both the UK and Germany, capturing a significant share of Best Sellers. Despite having nabbed the Amazon’s Choice designation and appearing first in organic search results, Finish continues to invest in sponsored products to ensure that the first listing that consumers see is theirs. At the same time, brands like Persil and Fairy bid against the same keywords as Finish in the UK. However, heavy investment in popular seed keywords allows Finish to ensure visibility above the fold in the competitive environment. The brand also doubles down on paid spend for dishwasher detergents. As a result, it owns 46% of sponsored products in the UK and 65% in Germany against keywords containing the general term “dishwash”, according to Gartner L2’s latest report on the topic.

Additionally, Finish fights back against competitors by snagging consumer attention during the path to purchase on Amazon. While Somat focuses on flashy product pages and attractive value-driven offerings, Finish detracts from this with a clever set of distracting strategies. The brand jumps in with sponsored brand ads to poach shoppers as they move through the purchase funnel. The ads highlight ease of delivery and subscribe & save against Somat’s branded terms. Doing this allows consumers to see what the bigger picture will look like if they decide to buy Finish products.

Pretty product pages and discounts are certainly some keys to consumers’ hearts. But ultimately, humans are easily distracted. Household name brands looking to swipe the attention of online shoppers can trump platform-specific indie players with crafty keyword use and Amazon’s media levers to ensure visibility at various stages in the purchase funnel.

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