Daily Insights

PetSmart’s Snapping Turtle

By: Mackenzie Baker | Aug 04, 2020

The rising trend of working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic gave many consumers the chance to adopt a pet to spend their homebound days with. While dog and cat adoption rates soared the most, a large number or people also opted to adopt a reptile. PetSmart is now connecting with these reptilian parents through a new Snapchat promotion. 

PetSmart has become the first pet retailer to introduce a lens via Snapchat’s new augmented reality feature. The lens includes a gamified quiz based around educational reptile facts. Users can open their front facing camera to play through the experience and watch their faces turn into a reptile based on their quiz answers. The lens is targeting potential or new snake, lizard, and turtle owners and includes a 40% discount coupon on the screen that users can click to redeem at their local PetSmart store. The coupon goes towards adopting a reptile or, for those that already have a reptilian pet, to buy a PetSmart Thrive starter kit. 

The Snapchat experience could entertain users while also serving as an educational tool for the app’s young audience. While the lens could get more users interested in reptiles, it could also drive sales to PetSmart stores. If app users feel inclined to share selfies of themselves as reptiles, the retailer’s lens could further reach new audiences as well, again potentially increasing store visits. Since the Coronavirus pandemic began, PetSmart has seen a 50% increase in reptile sales, as well as a boost in general pet sales as owners stocked up on food and supplies in preparation for lockdowns. As the pandemic put traditional advertising routes on hold, PetSmart’s decision to utilize Snapchat could help it stand out from its fellow pet retail rivals and sustain its surge in sales, according to a Gartner report. With an increased consumer base and a revamped marketing initiative by Snapchat, it’s fitting that PetSmart would engage with its customers in a way it never has before. 

Snapchat recently let a lens go to the dogs, but now it’s giving its gamified lens to the reptiles. By working with PetSmart, the two brands can mutually engage new audiences and create a unique, pet-centric experience that the retailer could continually adapt to interact with different types of pet parents.