Daily Insights

Spreading Cheesy Cheer

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 16, 2020

Dairy brand Babybel plays off its name for a new campaign that lets parents order personalized onesies featuring its logo. The merchandise campaign benefits nonprofit Baby2Baby, which provides diapers and clothing to young children living in poverty. 

With brand merchandise surging in popularity this year, Babybel differentiates itself by selling products exclusively for babies. Consumers can purchase the baby onesies for $15 on brand partner TShirt Deli’s website, where the outfits can be customized with a child’s name and include redeemable coupons for Babybel cheeses. The cheese brand’s Babybel Boom campaign pays tribute to the expected baby boom happening during the next year and allows the brand to play up its name to family consumers around the country. By tying the lighthearted campaign into current consumer trends for atypical merchandise, Babybel could grow a loyal customer base of parents and children, who in turn could frequent the brand for years to come. 

As the Coronavirus pandemic put many events on hold—including in-person baby showers—Babybel hopes its virtual effort could bring back the spirit of welcoming babies home while remaining relevant with consumers. Additionally, the campaign launched amidst a surge in cheese sales around the world as more consumers lean into comfort foods during the Coronavirus pandemic, according to a Gartner report. As such, Babybel has a prime opportunity to boost engagement with consumers digitally and in store. The food brand turned to Instagram and Twitter to promote its specialty onesies using the hashtag #BabybelBoom. Through a series of videos and images, viewers can see the customizable outfit options as well as learn more about Babybel’s work with Baby2Baby. Using social media could help extend the reach of the Babybel Boom campaign while driving more users to the brand’s social channels. 

With its baby-themed campaign, Babybel could widen its appeal with parents and families around the U.S. Using branded merchandise to boost its image could help the brand stay relevant and sustain its rise in sales long after the baby boom fades.