Daily Insights

Support for Survivors

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jun 01, 2020

Gender-based violence has escalated since the Coronavirus pandemic began, but Gucci is taking steps to help end the brutality. 

In 2013, Gucci launched Chime For Change, a global campaign created to raise awareness for gender inequality. Through the campaign, Gucci is now rolling out a new project, dubbed #StandWithWomen, to combat the increased rates of violence against women during the Coronavirus pandemic. The United Nations and the World Health Organization have noted a significant increase in domestic violence cases around the world, with Google Trends observing a 143% rise in domestic violence queries during the pandemic. To support women suffering from violence during these times, Chime For Change has partnered with the Kering Foundation to launch its #StandWithWomen initiative. The push aims to address abuse against women and children and raise money for nonprofits supporting women during the crisis. 

The #StandWithWomen initiative asks people around the world to symbolically stand in support of violence against women. Gucci has a large international reach and social following, as noted in Gartner’s DIQ Index: Luxury US & Europe, where the brand snagged the first spot. With millions indoors during the pandemic, Gucci is tapping into its social fan base by uniting supporters on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter through the #StandWithWomen hashtag. The luxury label also partnered with several charities around the world to further spread the message, including Equality Now, which works across the Middle East and North Africa, and the Ms. Foundation for Women in the United States. Additionally, this past January, Gucci created #YouAreNotAlone, which continues to provide additional information and resources for domestic abuse survivors across Europe and North America. Gucci and its parent company Kering also donated €2 million in support of the campaign. 

Gucci is shining a light on a problem many may not be aware of during the Coronavirus crisis. By offering aid to domestic violence survivors during the crisis, Gucci and Chime For Change can reach supporters around the world and be an example for other brands looking to give back during the pandemic.