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Sustainability Strikes Back

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jun 22, 2020

Brazillian beauty conglomerate Natura & Co. is stepping up against deforestation in the Amazon with a new sustainability pledge. 

Following the Brazillian government’s cutback on environmental regulations and funding, as well as a major fire in the Amazon, Natura & Co. announced a new set of sustainability goals. The company, which includes beauty brands such as The Body Shop and AVON, released its “Commitment to Life for 2030” pledge, which focuses on lowering gas emissions, protecting the Amazon rainforest, and providing aid to local communities. In the next ten years, Natura & Co. plans to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and expand its preservation of the Amazon rainforest from 4.4 million acres to 7.4 million acres, which could help alleviate illegal deforestation. The brand will also increase the number of local communities it sources raw ingredients from by working with an additional seven communities, or 24,000 people. 

Natura & Co. has long served as an environmental ally, even becoming the largest corporation to earn a B Corp certification in 2014. In the past decade, the brand has invested $1.5 billion in the Amazon, with more money being set aside for its latest sustainable plans. Natura & Co.’s new pledge also includes modernizing its supply chain, so product packaging will be “fully circular”—using only reusable, recyclable, and compostable materials—and the total amount of brand packaging can be reduced by up to 20%. The brand’s material modifications will be rolled out for its owned labels as well, all of which currently align with Natura & Co.’s sustainability efforts. 

Natura & Co.’s social media pages reiterate its stance on sustainability. Consumers can visit the brand’s Instagram to find Story Highlights about its environmental certifications, Amazon rainforest preservation plans, and recycling practices. Using Instagram could also help the label grow its audience, as users increasingly turn to the platform to find natural and sustainable beauty brands, according to a Gartner report. For its sustainable pledge, Natura & Co. used Twitter to unveil its “Commitment to Life for 2030” initiative, including a 20-second video detailing its intentions over the next ten years. With nearly 3 million social media followers, Natura & Co.’s plan could resonate with consumers in Brazil and around the world eager to support a sustainable business. 

While the Coronavirus pandemic allowed for a few positive environmental impacts—such as a reduction in carbon emissions—the crisis intensified other environmental catastrophes, like the fire in the Amazon rainforest. Natura & Co. is already a notably sustainable company, but doubling down on environmental efforts could make the label a leading name in fighting climate change.