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The Electric Melody of Mercedes

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 21, 2020

Mercedes-Benz is getting in tune with its latest ad promoting the brand’s first electric SUV.

Set to The Weeknd’s new song “Blinding Lights”, the brand is promoting its Mercedes-Benz EQC—the company’s first fully electric SUV under its EQ brand. The company specifically wanted to have The Weeknd on the campaign because of his large range of consumer appeal, particularly with younger buyers. The ad campaign is called “Enjoy Electric” and became one of the first releases for The Weeknd’s new single. Mercedes-Benz is hoping the millions of younger fans that listen to The Weeknd will be part of the same group of environmentally conscious consumers, i.e. those more willing to buy a fully electric vehicle. 

Using The Weeknd’s song, the ad shows electric vehicles through the ages, ending with the brand new EQC. Mercedes-Benz released the ad on YouTube—as the platform has quickly become one of the most influential platforms for auto brands, according to a Gartner report on the topic. Within the first month of release, the ad had racked up almost four million views on YouTube alone. 

It’s not the brand’s first try at blending trends with products. During the U.S. Open in August 2019, the company debuted a voice-driven and augmented reality experience that allowed users to take a virtual tennis lesson from pro player Sloane Stephens. In May, the company partnered with toy brand Mattel to release thousands of toy cars replicas of female race car driver Ewy Rosqvist’s Mercedes in a campaign to counter gender stereotypes. These campaigns may be paying off, as a Havas report found Mercedes-Benz is the third most meaningful brand to consumers. 

Mercedes-Benz’s “Enjoy Electric” campaign is music to car enthusiast’s ears. The brand is hoping its latest ad sets it apart in the growing competitive market of luxury car brands appealing to young, socially conscious buyers.