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The Voting Scoop

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 09, 2020

Though voting during a health crisis could be stressful, Ben & Jerry’s promises voters a sweet reward for casting their ballot. To encourage election participation, the ice creamery is  re-releasing a limited edition flavor as well as offering in-store order upgrades. 

Not one to shy away from political activism, Ben & Jerry’s is back with another social justice campaign that merges desserts with democracy. Ben & Jerry’s is appealing primarily to younger and first-time voters, noting in a recent press release that “young people have the ability to determine the outcome of this election”. To reach its target audience, the food brand is re-offering its Justice Remix’d flavor in shops and grocery stores in a bid to drive customers to stores and the polls. The flavor, originally released last year to promote criminal justice reform, will be available through the November 3 election. 

Ben & Jerry’s is also offering an in-shop incentive for potential voters by including any order with a free waffle cone if they “pledge to vote for justice”. The marketing push could drive more customers to Ben & Jerry’s stores before and after voting, allowing the brand to engage its politically active consumer base and potentially boost brick and mortar sales. For those that visit a Ben & Jerry’s store prior to voting, the shops will include local election information and ways for customers to register to vote or check their current registration. 

Ben & Jerry’s also turned to Twitter and Instagram to promote its new voting initiative, where it invites users to keep justice “on the brain—and the spoon”. While social media users can find posts about Justice Remix’d and free waffle cones, Ben & Jerry’s channels are also serving updated voting information, including early voting state lists, polling locations, and an hour by hour countdown to election day. Given Ben & Jerry’s popularity on Instagram, promoting its voting initiative and ice cream release could grow its audience and boost interactions with its socially active consumers, according to a Gartner report

By incentivizing customers to get out and vote, Ben & Jerry’s can continue to serve sweet treats and sustain its image as a politically present brand.