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TikTok’s Tips for Holiday Advertising

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 15, 2020

As TikTok’s audience engagement continues to accumulate, businesses large and small team up with the titan to boost their digital presence. Following a year of digital growth and collaborations, TikTok finishes with a media partnership to benefit small businesses during the holiday shopping season. 

TikTok and media brand Ad Age unite to launch the “Holiday Playbook for Small Businesses”, a 40-page guide that walks small businesses and digitally nascent brands through advertising on social media. The guide focuses specifically on TikTok, which has seen record growth this year according to a Gartner report, as more consumers download the app for entertainment during the Coronavirus pandemic. The guide will include various insights, tips, and case studies for businesses to peruse in a bid to navigate the modern social media terrain. TikTok also included holiday-specific advice and templates for businesses to use, including how to boost views using seasonal songs and hashtags. Additionally, businesses can discover when their campaigns could gain the most traction using TikTok’s insights on product conversion and brand followings. 

The Holiday Playbook for Small Businesses could help TikTok further establish its presence as a hotspot for social media marketing. With e-commerce shopping continuing to rise and TikTok projected to become the next “billion user” platform, the holiday handbook could be the push needed for brands to step up their social media marketing. As the platform remains the go-to this year for everything from politics to entertainment to beauty, its business guide may appeal to a wide range of brands. Additionally, teaming up with an established, digital maven like Ad Age could help TikTok reach more brands and build up its marketing portfolio. The guide could also bring in more business and revenue to TikTok, allowing it to extend its growth and appeal to more users, especially as it again avoids a ban by the U.S. government. With other digital giants including Spotify, Apple, and Instagram rolling out seasonal marketing strategies, TikTok’s straight-forward and evergreen approach could help it stand out against competitors and further grow its shopping capabilities. 

As the holiday season looks different this year, building up its platform as the place to reach young consumers could allow TikTok to adapt to a rapidly changing shopping environment. Additionally, by launching its guide now, TikTok could start 2021 on the right foot, with several businesses, big and small, in its corner. 

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