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Top 10 Consumer Electronics Brands in Digital

By: Elisabeth Rosen | Oct 19, 2015

L2’s inaugural Digital IQ Index: Consumer Electronics reveals a consistent investment in digital capability, with 40% of brands categorized as Gifted or above. The sole Genius brand, Samsung, moves rapidly to capitalize on innovations such as the connected home while amplifying its messaging across digital channels. While all Index brands maintain some form of digital infrastructure, only a few have the financial flexibility to invest in such a comprehensive manner.

Top 10 Consumer Electronics brands

1. Samsung (Samsung Electronics Co.)
Digital IQ: 140

Samsung’s “SmartThings” app creates an ecosystem for the connected home space. The app includes a guided quiz that helps customers create their own Smart Home, closing with a suggested bundle of products to purchase. The move puts the Index’s only Genius brand ahead of most peers, which are largely failing to invest in mobile apps that span multiple product areas.


Samsung’s broad thinking extends to e-commerce. The brand is one of only five that show inventory availability across all three channels (brick-and-mortar, brand site and e-tailer). The brand displays particularly strong e-tailer investment, with the leading share of top-selling products on Amazon.com for applicable keywords.

2. Dell (Dell Inc.)
Digital IQ: 138

Dell outperforms its immediate peers in search visibility for applicable category keywords (e.g., “laptop”). It is the only brand with first-page visibility across the majority of affiliated terms, underscoring the superior optimization of site content visible to web crawlers. The brand’s extensive comparison engine, coupons, and price match tools also set its e-commerce engine apart from competitors.

2. HP (Hewlett-Packard Company)
Digital IQ: 138

Brands producing interesting online video content saw a rise in favorability among 70% of consumers. HP boasts the best videos across the Index, producing celebrity collaborations with promoted products that link viewers directly to the product page. The brand also displays strong merchandizing efforts on Walmart via its HP Shop, investing in sponsored product listings and in-depth product pages on Walmart.com.

4. Apple (Apple Inc.)
Digital IQ: 135

With incomparable brand equity as well as unparalleled omnichannel and mobile capabilities, the well-known brand has the leeway to invest conservatively in email marketing and web advertising. In the rapidly growing wearables space, Apple leads the competition with an estimated 75% market share. Its most profitable product, the iPhone, dominates the competition – generating more than 10 times the profit of Samsung smartphones.Apple

5. LG (LG Corporation)
Digital IQ: 134

The brand site combines extensive overviews of key technologies (i.e. OLED) with a fluid handoff to relevant product pages. Meanwhile, LG’s extensive customer service options are intuitive and provide quick access to repair tracking, a particularly vital asset for the Consumer Electronics sector.

6. Canon (Canon Inc.)
Digital IQ: 133

Canon maintains the highest e-tailer visibility across immediate peers, appearing in the top search results on two out of three e-tailer sites. The brand also stages creative competitions to solicit UGC via its microsite and social media. For example, the Project Imagination with Ron Howard photo contest invited photographers to inspire a Ron Howard production.

7. Nikon (Mitsubishi)
Digital IQ: 128

Nikon has one of the best commerce handoff features in the Index, with links to online and local retailers prominently displayed on product pages. Its diverse marketing emails range from Learn & Explore tutorials to store promotions.

8. Sony (Sony Corporation)
Digital IQ: 125

Sony shuttered its online store in August and is currently in the process of closing most of their brick-and-mortar stores. In their place, the brand is focusing on the Best Buy store-within-a-store model, which leverages the retailer’s superior e-commerce capabilities. Rather than selling directly to consumers, the Sony site features guided selling tools and a “Where to Buy” handoff to help shoppers along the path to purchase.

9. SanDisk (SanDisk Corporation)
Digital IQ: 122

SanDisk also displays strong merchandizing efforts on Best Buy via its Mobile Storage Shop. On social media channels, the brand repurposes UGC to promote its products.

10. Beats (Apple Inc.)
Digital IQ: 120

Though Beats by Dre was founded by music industry titans, the company has found
social success by tapping sports influencers for its promotional campaigns. By leveraging their star power, Beats achieves impressive social media reach, surpassing the subscriber counts of iconic sports brands such as Gatorade, Nike and Under Armour with its impressive 435,000-strong YouTube community. The brand has broadened its social reach by 114 times in the past year, turning its 900 thousand followers into 105 million.


10. GoPro 
Digital IQ: 120

GoPro dominates the social landscape. Its Facebook community is more than twice the size of the Index average and its Instagram posts generate 27 times more engagement. Like Beats, GoPro leverages the social following of sports stars, with 130 athletes across 35 sporting disciplines producing content on its behalf. Ordinary people can also submit content to be featured as the “Photo or Video of the Day” on GoPro’s social pages. This content can potentially be monetized as stock photo imagery, in addition to playing an integral role in the brand’s marketing tactics.

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